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Actress . Singer . Model . Club Host+DJ . Writer  Tutor

Ordained Minister /Marriage OfficiantReiki Master . Life, Spiritual, Dating + Relationship Coach 




My name is Alicia (ah-lee-see-yah), but friends call me Perk(s) because my last name is Perkins, and, coincidentally, I happen to be a rather perky character. Born to a Mexican mother and an English/German-American father, I grew up in the South Bay of Los Angeles with a lively intrigue for the performing and visual arts. 

After pursuing the arts throughout adolescence, I went on to receive a double major honors degree in Film/Media Studies and Theater/Dance/Performance Studies with an emphasis in screenwriting and acting at UC Berkeley. 

Once I graduated, I returned to LA, where I continue to sing, act, dance, and write. I also run, host, and dj four alternative dance club events.

After settling back in LA, I became very interested in spiritual healing in addition to the arts, so I decided to study reiki at the IMPART Wisdom Center in Santa Ana. I loved it so much that I continued studying all the way up to reiki master. I wanted to further assist my clients, so I added life, dating, and relationship coaching to my spiritual healing services. I became an ordained Christian minister to solidify my spiritual perspective on healing and helping others. This combination of healing and advising has been extremely rewarding. I received my masters of science in counseling psychology at California Baptist University to expand my knowledge to further assist those in need of mental health and wellness. 

I have been tutoring students of all ages for over ten years, as well. In a nutshell, I live for creativity, helping others, and spending time with loved ones. It is such a beautiful thing to be alive, and because of this, I always do my best to focus on God, spirituality, and the positive things in life!




Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

​Tel: 213-282-377eight

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