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your local Echo Park/Silverlake/Los Feliz reiki master

serving the greater Los Angeles area

Chronic pain or feelings of anxiety/depression getting you down?

Does your life seem to lack luster or purpose?
Just not feeling your best?

Reiki can help!

Reiki is a one-hundred-year-old practice of alternative medicine first developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui in Japan. It is used to help harmonize the energy and life-force system of the body, which can in turn help one feel more relaxed, energized, and healthy. In other words, reiki can encourage the body to find balance and better heal itself. 

As a certified reiki master healer, I'd love to assist you with your mental and physical health goals.


I am currently offering a promo for  a 1.5 hr combined reiki healing/chakra cleanse and life coaching/spiritual advising session for $200 in person in Echo Park, CA.

1159 Logan St. Los, Angeles, CA 90026.

Virtual distance healing and coaching sessions are also available.

I also certify students to become reiki practitioners--Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master. 

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flexible scheduling

Contact today for more information or to book an appointment!

INTERESTED IN LIFE, SPIRITUAL, DATING & relationship coaching?


Hector Valladares, Musician/Artist

Excellent work; she has great energy. I would recommend it to everyone. It was very relaxing and eased my anxiety.

Blessings to all:)


Michael Crosby, Pastor

Perki Reiki, my Earth Angel, did an extraordinary job in generating spiritual energy that eradicated my leg pain, stiffness and discomfort. I would definitely recommend sessions to those who need it.

Not only was my leg healed--I had three distinct open visions of which she interpreted. What an incredible, unforgettable, life-changing experience!

Sir Benzo

I met Alicia through a mutual friend about two and a half years ago and have gotten to know her very well. I've had the opportunity to know her through the different progressive phases of her reiki education up until now with her master reiki certification. 
About 3 years ago I broke my right ankle and had surgery. I had metal screws and plates implanted in my ankle. It has healed ok but I still have pain and stiffness. Recently I asked Alicia to perform reiki to help with the pain and stiffness. She did reiki for me and the experience was very peaceful and relaxing. Since having the reiki done my ankle is significantly better. I have much more movement and the pain has subsided.
Alicia is an awesome, spiritual and compassionate person. I definitely recommend her healing  services for anyone who needs relief from any kind of ailment emotional, mental or physical.



Gaby, Medical Field

I have heard about reiki and the many benefits of it but I never went out of my way to learn more about it. I came across Alicia because I was in major help with my chakras and overall health. Alicia is a beautiful soul that has mastered the art of Reiki and has a lovely spirit that you can easily talk to and connect with. At our first session, Alicia explained the art of reiki and how it helps you balance your chakras while relaxing your body. During the session, I honestly felt my body realigning and felt it more in the parts of my body that needed to be taken care of. She helped me with my anxiety and helped me open up my throat chakra and solar plexus. Solar plexus is linked to anxiety and thus gave me more calmness in my typical life. At the end of our session I felt 100x better and my body and spirit were thankful for it. I have follow up with her for more sessions and my anxiety and stressed problems have diminished by a lot! If you want a significant impact in your life and a beautiful soul experience, I strongly wholeheartedly recommend Alicia Perkins for your Reiki Master!

Monica, Publishing

I loved my session with Perk. I've always been interested in reiki and when I saw on Instagram that she was offering her services, I knew it was time to try it out. I learned that two of my chakras were blocked and we talked about what I could do to change my energy. We also talked about my career struggles and she really brought me some peace with it. I'm thankful that we had our session and definitely recommend it.

Chrystine, Web Design

I had a relationship coaching/ Reiki healing session with Alicia. She really seems to understand and care about her clients. Unlike a regular life coaching session, Alicia offers her gifts of intuition to more deeply see into situations. Although everyone will experience different types and levels of improvement with any healing session, I was really surprised by the changes I experienced after mine. She did a heart clearing which really helped to open up new channels of communication and understanding that had me frustrated for several years now with the person we focused on. It was a major and pivotal transition for me.

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