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Where in the World will you Find a Model Near Me?

Some may wonder—where do all the models we see in magazines and on television actually live and is there a model near me? And the answer is: just a few particular places around the world and if you live in one of those places, then yes, most likely.




Obviously, the most popular place for models to live in Los Angeles, where many of them are also trying to make it as actresses. There is also constant modeling work in LA.




New York City is also a popular place for models for the same reason as Los Angeles and this is where some bigger more professional models tend to graduate to live, as it is much more expensive to live in as a model who doesn’t have a real career yet.




Milan and other major European cities like Paris, are also hotbeds for models, living in the exotic places where they shoot many of their advertisements and photo spreads. So going to any of these locations will probably put you in close proximity to a model.

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